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We install and service cellar cooling systems that help pubs and bars like you save money and win awards. Efficient cellar cooling is at the heart of every successful pub continuously pumping through perfectly conditioned beer for less.

A cellar cooling system running at just 1°C too cold can increase your cellar refrigeration costs by 10%.

Unlike standard air conditioning, cellar cooling requires chilling rooms at much lower temperatures. There are various systems and methods to achieve this. Choosing the right combination is key to reducing cellar cooling costs and maintaining a consistent quality of wine and beer that keeps customers coming back.

To help better understand how cellar cooling works we created our ‘online guide to cellar cooling’ offering publicans and cellar management an unbiased review of the most efficient cooling systems and units in the market and applications for each. We also cover best cellar maintenance practices, tips and techniques to  ensure you continue to run an efficient beer cellar.

Cellar cooling system

Our cellar refrigeration experts are always on hand to assist allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. Looking after staff and enjoying positive feedback from a growing customer base loyal to the reliable quality of wine and beer you serve.

If you have a cellar cooling problem or are seeking advice to find the best cooling system to install in your pub, club, bar or home cellar we are here to help and available 24/7 for 365 days of the year.


BTU Calculator

Use our FREE BTU (British Thermal Units) Calculator Tool to calculate the volume of your area and estimate the number of BTU needed to cool your home, office, workshop, factory or marquee.

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